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Q: What is your standard dress code for weddings?

A: Typically Black, grey, or neutral tones. I'm there to notice everything and photograph all the precious moments in the day.

Q: What does "FULL DAY" coverage mean?

A: Full day coverage is just that. I arrive at the beginning of your beautiful day, to photograph you both getting ready and getting excited, saying your vows, exchanging your rings, all the way through the end of the day when you're happy and having fun on the dance floor. And yes, photos of your whole family and everyone in your wedding party are included in this package!

Q: What does "HALF DAY" coverage mean?

A: Half day coverage focuses on the big events in the day. Your ceremony and reception. When I'm there I focus on photographing your ceremony, your dances and speeches, and photos of you both and your family!

Q: How long until my photos are ready?

A: My record is 4 days. I LOOOVE wedding photos...so I obsessively edit them until I am too tired to sit at my desk anymore. I can't promise 4 days for everyone. I estimate 2 weeks, and leave extra time to perfect them.

Q: Can I print my photos?

A: Yes! You'll receive print rights to your photos!

Q: How are my photos delivered?

A: I use a beautiful gallery platform called PIXISET. The photos are secured, and accessible only to you and people you send the link to!

Q: How long have you been a photographer?

A: I started when I was 16, but have been doing it as a business for the last 2 years....and I LOVE IT!

Q: What brand camera do you use?

A: Canon all the way.