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When I was 19, I officially started Laura Photography MN. It was a slow growing process. Between working 10 hour days in a coffee shop and shooting on the weekends, I was an exhausted mess. When I got married, Matt encouraged me to quit my day job completely and put 100% of my efforts into photography. Which I did. The growth in my business was so exciting to look at. I had 2 weddings my first year, and 1 booked for the following year. The following year was 8 photographed, with 4 booked for the next year. There was steady growth through the encouragement, help, and support, of Matt, my family, and my amazing clients.

As my business has grown, I've narrowed down my style and specialties. Along with weddings, I do portraits, and small-shop photography.

I'm always up for a challenge. Every shoot presents new opportunities. I've done some super fun fine portraiture, and I've photographed protests. I really do enjoy photography. I love capturing things and saving moments in time and special life events.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me through a contact for, or at  612-385-4060 or laura.photography.mn@gmail.com.



Well hey, I'm Laura

I'm the photographer, and owner of this company. And I LOVE it. I had a notification pop up on Facebook one day that had awarded me a badge called "visual storyteller" and i realized, THAT is what i want to be. I want to tell stories and save memories through photos.

Like any highschooler, I had about a thousand career and life ideas, but the one I always came back to was photography. No matter what job I was working, I wanted to be a photographer. When i was 16, a friend asked me to take her senior photos. I was elated. We shot around a pond and an abandoned barn. Editing those photos was so fun. I just loved it.

At 18 I photographed a last minute wedding for a couple I didn't know, and it was a disaster. Kind of a terrifying experience, really. Between the fact that the rooms were thick with smoke and it was 10 degrees outside and 8 pm at night, I really questioned by decision. This ordeal cause the concept of WEDDING CONSULTS to be born.

Over the next few months I photographed another wedding, ditched life for Africa, and then worked in a local floral shop gaining knowledge that has come in handy so many times. Literally a couple weeks ago I redecorated a wedding cake with springs of wax flowers, hydrangea blooms, spray roses, and eucalyptus, after the baker had neglected to decorate the cake with anything besides a sheet of white frosting. And all that knowledge came from working in a small town flower shop. It was one of the best jobs I've ever had. I loved it. It was a step into the wedding industry and that was a big deal to me. 

So what about you, what kind of photos are you looking for?

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